More clients. Less busywork. Guaranteed.
A marketing and automation agency. Built for insurance brokers.
Automation Central can spark a complete digital transformation at every client touchpoint.
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Why work with us?
Automation Central is for insurance agencies looking to scale their revenue, not their paperwork.
We are the premier agency specifically for insurance brokers. Through our proven solutions we attract new clients and turn them into raving fans, generating repeat business and referrals. All you have to do is what you do best — serve more clients. We'll take care of the rest.
Attracting clients. Modernizing experiences. Streamlining growth. That's the Automation Central difference.
Attract more clients and grow your insurance agency.
Proven marketing tactics that will turn more visitors into leads, and more leads into clients.
Modernize client experiences.
Deliver remarkable experiences at every stage of the client lifecycle using industry-leading technology, on autopilot.
Streamline and automate workflows.
Automation Central knows how to reduce workloads across your insurance agency. Eliminate busywork, automate workflows, and scale effortlessly.
Does your agency know the difference between construction and commercial insurance?
Automation Central does. We're not guessing. We have perfected the systems that are proven to be the most effective at growing and streamlining business for brokers.
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Successful insurance brokers work with Automation Central.
Their understanding of how prospects 'think & act' is like having a golden chalice in your hands. Their ability to draw in and hold the attention of the right prospects has made a world of difference to our business.
Vic Harrison - RedQS

“They have succeeded with bucket loads of quality leads to interview and our full investment was recouped in just one sale, the ongoing ROI has been fantastic.

Dan Paltridge - Red LBP
“We needed leads and Automation Central gave us exactly what we asked for, with an abundance of quality.
Les Seiler - PitStop
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Does your agency stand out?
If not, let's talk.
Automation Central has been supporting agencies like yours for a long time. We know what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
There's nothing you can ask that we can't handle.
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