Why work with us?
Automation Central is here to fill the gaps in your patients' experience.
Automation Central is different. We've got the right team, the best technology, and proven solutions allowing us to deliver practices something no other agency can provide - consistency.
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More than just marketing.
The Automation Central
It’s no longer enough to be the best practice. The market is flooded with options and more are popping up every day. Staying one step ahead of your competition in the battle for attention is vitally important. And that’s why many practices are hiring marketing agencies to get an edge. But regardless of how hard these agencies try to convince you otherwise, marketing isn’t all that matters.
What’s the point in attracting new patients if you aren’t absolutely blowing their minds with quality, convenient, and modern experiences at every step of their journey? That’s how you ensure satisfaction, which solidifies your reputation, which brings even more patients through the door.
That’s how you truly standout — by actually being better. Not just having fancier social media ads.
That’s where Automation Central comes in. We aren’t just a marketing agency; we’re a seismic shift in your practice top to bottom.
We are the experts in growing practices like yours. We'll implement specific, proven patient-attraction and business management systems for you, month after month. What you get by working with us is a practice that's constantly growing and improving, delivering better patient experiences and getting you more referrals and repeat business with less work consistently.
Forget the battle. We’re here to win the war. That’s the Automation Central difference.
How we work together.
Delivering wins for your practice, consistently.
We’ve heard enough agency horror stories to last a lifetime.
So we designed a way of working together that ensures every month brings you another win.
Think of it as a subscription box. But instead of random trinkets you get proven solutions implemented right into your practice.
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We've got your back.
Automation Central is with you every step of the way.
You’re not alone in this anymore. Our team will work closely with your practice to deliver on all of our promises.
If you have a question, we have an answer.
Access to the world's best tools.
Industry-leading strategies, campaigns, and tools. Delivered.
We’ll package up the right solution to your challenges and beam it directly into your practice.
Every month, like clockwork.
Mutual success.
When you win, we win.
Automation Central doesn't succeed unless you succeed. It does us no good to get new clients who end up canceling after one or two months.
Our business model is simple and transparent. We believe that if we deliver incredible results to chiropractors like you, you’ll stick around for a while.
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Their understanding of how prospects 'think & act' is like having a golden chalice in your hands. Their ability to draw in and hold the attention of the right prospects has made a world of difference to our business.
Vic Harrison - RedQS
“They have succeeded with bucket loads of quality leads to interview and our full investment was recouped in just one sale, the ongoing ROI has been fantastic.
Dan Paltridge - Red LBP
“We needed leads and Automation Central gave us exactly what we asked for, with an abundance of quality.
Les Seiler - PitStop
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Does your practice stand out?
If not, let's talk.
Automation Central has been supporting practices like yours for a long time. We know what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
There's nothing you can ask that we can't handle.
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